Monday, 17 May 2010


Sounds like a rock band , but it was just Marco and Jacob going at it , what a great race that was .

Had some interesting rides on an ever-changing track surface on saturday (will they ever get it right there?) going from wetter than wet to dustier than arizona , in fact four races with four different lines to amuse us ! Still the fast boys were still faster than us and we were treated to some great racing from behind or on the sidelines .

There were some suprise winners too , well done boys - you know who you are !
And Ade collins jus made it look so easy on his HM plant honda .
Us Skootafarm boys were pluggin away at it , with John and gary at the sharp end and the rest of us eatin some dust - and enjoying every minute of it !
I had little traction but lots of fun , lost my oil bung (only harley would think a push in oil cap will work flat out !) on the last lap of one race and it looked like i'd been shot down - by the smoke trail ! Got a quad bike lift round in front of the grading tractor and luckily found it .Phew.
Gary's got a great pic of the team bikes lined up after washin em .
Nice to see Lez back out on his Big Yam twin for the first time since his Injury and Wayne out on his CCM and going well , as he does .
There's a Video here of a complete Thunderbike race for your amusement .
And all the other pics Sideburn girl took over the weekend .
Next race is the Epic two day Half -miler at Amman Valley , can't wait . Do come .
And dress up .

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