Wednesday, 26 May 2010


We have had a great project in the workshop for a while , we started with a standard 70's Honda 550 four and stripped her down , cut and shut the sub frame , moved all the electrics around to clear the air box area out , added tank seat /pipe kit from Benjies in the States and some great alloy rims and modern rubber and presto !

60's Honda cool .

Also in the mix were a front brake kit and ace bars , redesigned dash , shortened mudgaurd and alloy bellmouths (which put the jetting well out ).

Next maybe is paint as the frame needs sorting and the colour on the body work (although i'm kinda liking the retro matt green primer look !

So she's all together and looking great , took these pics out on test ride - my route goes past AJS on the back roads ! Whenever you stop on this bike people appear from nowhere to have a look (and take a pic !) . We're really pleased with her now and we just need to get a bit nearer on the jetting and we are finished . Oh and a smaller number plate !

It's stuff like this that keeps my job interesting although god knows how many hours have really gone into it to get it into this shape !

More pisc here and i'll try to upload a before pic to the blog (although there's one here )

Oh and don't forget our Flattrack/streetrack meeting at Amman Valley on Sat/Sun this weekend it's gonna be a good un !
See Europe’s best flat trackers battle on the super high-speed half mile oval. Saturday night racing commences at 7pm with highlight being the brutal Harleys in the All-American Twin Class. Sunday racing commences at 1pm. See the biggest entry ever for a European short track race compete in over 20 heatsAdults £10 per day or £18 for weekend including camping. OAPS £8 per day or £14 for the weekend, Children (12 to 15) £3 per day or £5 for weekend, Under-12s go free.Competitors from America, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Italy, England and Wales.THE CUSTOM SHOWBritain’s best street trackers and vintage flat track race bikes on display. Racers' Choice Prize donated by Davida. Prizes for best in show, best budget bike, best engineering and best paint donated by Sideburn magazine and Red Max Speed Shop. PLUSBarFoodCampingDealer stalls NOTE: The custom show will be judged at lunchtime on Sunday

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  1. looks a belter!!.
    would be mega in early honda red/silver race colours, if that aint too obvious.
    i know where to come if i ever come into the money for a road bike again!.