Friday, 4 February 2011


Nortons first ! cos that's how it is at my house . First up is Project silver fox Norton (named cos it's gonna be deep metal flake silver in the end ) and is a chop that's gonna be bobbered and bought slap bang up to date (1956 !). After that is a top secret race bike project (censored info).
It's a Norton 920 is all i can say .
See em all here , sooner or later !

Next up is Tony moto's XS650 we are doing with Starracer tank , XR seat , Norton bars and Heiden pipes . Nifty .

Followed by our Norvil CB750 project , dig that pipe boys !

Then a bobber project Trumpet 500 which desperately needs a makeover with some cool injected to get the look right !

Dunno what to say about the Z400 Kwack , good donor bike , don' know where we're going with that one (and it's at the back of the list too !)

Lastly we got a Triumph T100R - Daytona with a T100C motor - Streetracker me thinks - high pipes , high bars , knobblies and mouth organ tank badges , bit S.mcQ ?

You'd think that'd be enough , but there's more !
Can't be assed to Blog any more today tho , so keep an eye on this space for the next lot !
Steve . out .

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