Monday, 28 February 2011


Well , should'nt have worried - the whole day went like clockwork and i was rushed orf me feet all day !
We had the benifit of some great weather until mid afternoon , when the heavens opened encouraging us to slowly pack it all away .
Big thanks to all involved inc -
Oxford HD (Gavin etc) , Co-built (Ant , geoff and Kissinia) , Sideburn and Skooterfarm (Gary , Dave n Wilky) , Shorttrack UK (Boastie n boys) , Station 165 ( a whole herd of em !) and the Guys running the Evel Knievel Experience .
And where else outside of a GNC race in the states , could you see five XR750's together ?
Of course we could'nt of even been there without Mark and Linda Wilsmore who have bought the cafe back to life since 1994 (the first open day , still owned by Just tyres) .
As an aside i remember Mark and his pal Del (ugly bloke) telling us about his ideas for the ace one night on Chelsea Bridge after a Rock n roll do at a pub somewhere , we sat on the bridge chatting about it , having a cup of slosh and wondering if it could happen (musta been 1991-ish) . Well Mark you showed us it could and not only that - but you've made it viable too (as a buisness) and still going 17 years after we turned up for the Ace day in 1994 (with our Pyschomania helmets on , brit bikes leakin oil after the burn up there ) Well done mate , hope ur livin' the dream .
Escpecially nice was the way Mark ran around on the day genuinely excited about the flattrrack scene and what was going on , it think we did him proud !
As a side note , some of the guys from up Norf were suprised at the buzz on the day , having not been before - and well , that's what it's all about .
Dave skooterfarm spinnin the wax from his Dannsette added in no small way to the vibe .
Lastly thanks to anybody who rode in dry and rode home wet (but happy) .
Cheers Steve .
More than 50 pics of the day here !


  1. Steve, looks like a great day with some nice bikes there, thanks for the pics, need to get down to the next one!!!