Monday, 28 February 2011


Another great mag from the Sideburn boys !
I'm sure they won't mind my poor scans of the mag here .
I'm particularly like the (dutch) cartoon flattrack strip although i can't understand a word ! but that action and 70's syle is just the sorta thing i,d a been glued to as a kid (along with captain scarlet and anything with bi-planes shooting each other outta the skys !)And i'm a sucker for Nortons too !
Other good stuff -
Krook street husky , Rorer Falsco's period photos , Sonic Seb's XS (always a pleasure Seb!) ,And what a crazy lookin' machine man - The Outlaw Triumph !!!! i love it . And we're only a few pages in there , so i won't spoil it for you - come and buy one . £5 Cheap .
Also worth a mention here is the Ad for Shorttrack UK (and ours of course) showing solidarity for the Flattrack cause , so come and watch some racing this year - we're all over the UK inc a few southern meets for a change (Oxford , Silverstone , Rye House).
More info right here -

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