Sunday, 8 March 2009


Ok then , here at last are my Ducati 450 tracker pics .
She's a long way from done as you can see , although the chassias is all there , the real wheels are at paint n blast cos they are magnesium and it's best to look under the paint before use !
Thats not the real tank , which i'm fabricating from alloy because it has the fuel injection pump fitted to the bottom . the box out front is the injection computor which will control the twin overhead injectors spraying directly into the 60mm throttle bodies . The motor is one half of Frankie Chillies 999R corsa motor , which is a testastretta desmodromic four valve engine with 13k rpm limit ! Oh yea . Thats blank cases in there just to wheel her around , but the motor is nearly finished then it's on to one of my fave parts - the exhaust . Stainless of course made of offcuts down low n out by the right hand side of the wheel terminating in a old style megaphone with removeable innards .
Who knows when it'll be finished , but i'm on the case right now !
Steve .

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