Sunday, 15 March 2009


So There we are on saturday early where the autojumble should be and some geezer comes up to the van n says ''it's next week , mush !'' B@llocks . So we head off down to see Miles at Jackhammer get some bits for the 51 Merc i just got , and we bump into Rob on his XS650 streetbobtrackerthing ''it upsets the purists '', he says cos of the BSA tank . here's a pic wot do u reckon ? Spent the rest of the time preping my XR for the racing in two weeks at Scunthorpe (March29th Lancashire Grasstrack Club Shorttrack Meetings) - pic shown with the bike ticking over like a swiss watch and leaning on my fence (Carl patrick u have done us proud !) as anybody knows a normal harley would have fallen thru the fence and vibrated down the hill or stalled whilst the bolts rattled out ! Bring it on !!!

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