Thursday, 5 March 2009

Projects a go-go !

Ok , gonna start off by uploading some pics of my current Flattrack projects which are ......
No 1 .
Ducati testastretta 450cc single (one off engine build ! ) 888 corsa frame converted to mono shock , ohlins suspenders etc .
kinda just what u'd expect from a Ducati build only in dirt track form !
No 2 .
C&J harley - monoshock street tracker , tuned buell motor and ... well that's all i got at the mo !
Not really a project more of a lets see if we can keep it going all year type of thing ...
1977 XR 750 Hardley - movinson .
Racing her in Shorttrack UK series again this year (as it was so much fun last year)
She's a big old bus compared to the bikes we're up against on such small tracks , but
who could have her and not race her ! WHO ?
Maybe you got one ? get her out and come along . NOW !

That's all for now , gonna try n work out how to upload these pics .
Steve #59

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