Wednesday, 11 March 2009

XR JUNKIE.......

Hi to Russ , who is one lucky son-of-a -gun ! These are just two of his XR750s(the lower two) - both gorgeous ! I've also added a pic of bike no 85 in red/white as i reckon thats one of his too ! so we only need a pic of his last one (he has 4!) to complete the set !
The XR through the window is in the UK and was on display at a harley dealer over here , could that be Gavins from Oxford HD ? May be wrong tho cos i thought the pic was of Surrey HD's window ? A friend of mine (Kieth) has a XR on the road in Winchester , he knows so i'll find out and get a pic of his too .
There must be quite a few XR's and Streettrackers in the UK and if you send your pics in , i'll post em .
Then when we've got enough XR's and Streettrackers we'll have a meet up/burn up and show 'em off big time . Who's in ?
PS - Russ just updated me , thy're not all his - but belong to him and his close friends ! :-0
And that is Gavins XR in Oxford HD 's window .

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  1. Steve. The #95 bike used to be run by Scott Pearson in the US - it's a genuine National series 'bike.