Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Yep don't argue , not listening . Best track surface i've ever raced on , with a blue groove a mile wide and you can run into the dirt and still get back . best UK racin' i've ever seen too , with the punch ups in the semi's making you think ur watching a final with a grand at stake ! God it was good . Skooterfarm boys winning all over the place , Gary two heats and Capt Highside the REDMAX Thunderbikes Final ! Me n Dave had to be content with watching it all from the back and we felt like we were going good , just not as good as the others . Our day will come.......... maybe. Anyway you won't see racing that good outside of the USA and even then , well - Kings Lynn Rocks . Full Stop .

1 comment:

  1. cant agree more. mega racin!!!.
    all we need now is to drag more spectators in.
    the show that went off was easily as good as a speedway meeting.
    be mega if we could build up a good fan base at our popular tracks.