Saturday, 23 May 2009


Lookee here , some framers , once again scanned from my old Daytona pics showing Framers with other Motors in em ! One is the official HRC entry from Allen Marioneaux (honda) and another is the KTM effort with a J&M frame i believe ! The best pic from my point of view is Gary Nixons race truck stacked out with a whole fleet of what look like Sonic-weld framed Goldstar BSA's - Knockout ! I'd a knicked that truck there n then cept it was locked and gaurded by about 6 mechanics , way to go . Anyway here in the UK we need more o them Jonny foreigner motors in some framers and a whole load more classics out there (in Shorttrack UK) , so get building , sell that supermoto frame n get a Co-Built chassias from Anthony and a tank from us and bob's yer uncle - Class in a Glass . Nuff said (probably).

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