Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Ben popped up to watch at Kings Lynn , and bought up his Flattracker in the van so it could smell the racing , come and have a looksee - he said . And there she was , in all her two stoke glory , a 70's YZ 400 in flattrack trim . Cool . Turns out to be the same one i tried to buy a little while ago . Ben sent me this e-mail n pics attached.......
Hey Steve-
Thanks for putting up with me hangin around yesterday-I had a great time, and it has inspired me to race rather than spectate! Going to chase up Keith at Motolink with regards spares for my early YZ-need to know I can re-build it easily when it goes pop! Let me know when the dirt track near you is open and I'll run up and have a blast with you.
See you soon, Ben.
See you on the track , behind the blue haze !

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