Tuesday, 5 May 2009


I know i'm biased , but where else would you see this mixture of mad , bad bikes actually racing ? REDMAX THUNDERBIKES that's where ! And there are so many proper framers out there now , it feels normal to have one , so ditch those DTX bikes and supermotos and get on a quality framer . Anthony Browns CO-BUILT is a fab piece of kit and made right here in the UK (pics to follow , or see his blog http://dirtbikeaction.blogspot.com/) and just watch how smooth Boastie and Gary are on theirs ! These pics tho are of the more unusual bikes that make it so interesting for us all . Gerry on the gixer is plain barking , get it fixed n back out there mate .Never got to chat to the Monster owner , but would like to know how she goes.More pics (120) by SIDEBURN GIRL here

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