Monday, 8 June 2009

DAVE-JA-VU (1974)

So - i'm at this autojumble right and i've just stole an origional Wes Cooley early Arias helmet off of this guy for £25 and i'm thinkin' there's gotta be a Trackmaster frame here somewhere...... and then i see this old guy with a cool book stall and i says "gortany books on Flattrackin guv ?" an he says no . End of , you would think - but then i spot a massive collection of old MCN's so i lift one out from the middle of the pile from 74 and corblimeyguv wot ave we ere? Only about the only interesting MCN ever - Big flattrack report on front page and a big centre page pullout ! So i paid the man a quid and legged it .Then next week i'm up at Daves and pulled it outta the bag and he says "i don't believe it ", in a kind of Victor Meldrew way and pulls out his childhood scrap book with one of the pics from MCN cut out n pasted in (from his dads paper) when he was a kid ! , the very pic that inspired him for all these years . Dave - ja - vu . Told you . So i've scanned the rag (badly it has to said) in order to share the wonder that is MCN with you guys , Enjoy .

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