Wednesday, 17 June 2009


..... And the word is - Shorttrack (UK) ! Been doing my best to promote our sport from my end and here is the result of one line of enquiry . We run the bikes at the Hot Rod Hayride every year and got noticed by a few people in the car world , who wanted to know more . Keith Harman is a journo and all round nice guy who spent the best part of a day down at REDMAX HQ in Hampshire just shooting the breeze in the sun talkin bikes with me - and this is the result .A two page write up in Classic American Mag (out today) with some great pics by Keith and Sideburn girl . This is a big selling magazine on the shelves at Smiths etc so i think that's good coverage for the series with motorhead kinda guys . Lets hope they come and take a look !
We (Me , Anthony Brown (D.B.A blog )and Sideburn girl) are off to the Czech republic now for a race on Sat then Austria on Sun for another ! It's the European Mefo Flattrack cup and for some reason we had to go .... Oh yea it's the MILE race and you can't get to do those outside the States normally , so we're off . Be back with some photos (much) later . Steve .

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