Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Pics Sideburn girl took on our 2000mile trip to the Mefo European Shorttrack races in the Czech Republic on Sat and Austria on Sunday ! Pics of the World Longtrack Championship finals too (as we were tacked on the end of that really) .Many thanks to Jan and the boys(Dutch Brothers) for a great time and to all the Brits who were out in force . We put on a good show and boosted the attendance significantly , Mr Hall kicked ass big time and was a pleasure to watch ! Sadly Marco had a big crash in Austria and we wish him a speedy recovery . Here are some of the more lighthearted pics we took , follow the links for the rest of the racing and try my U-tube for some videos later on (once i've trawled thru them). And next year everyone should come along and we'll have a big party cos it's about £3 for the best steak you'll ever eat ,and racing on the most awesome tracks this side of the USA ! -DO IT . http://www.flickr.com/photos/redmaxspeedshop/sets/72157620385970204/

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