Monday, 8 June 2009


Redmax Thunder bikes gets better all the time !- i know i'm biased but there it is , anyway we see more n more different and unusual bikes every meeting and Anman Valley was no different. The racing was tooth and nail once the track drained a bit of water , the grip came back to us and the smiles came back to our (dirty) faces! Anyway there's a few teams you may have heard of out there , Skooterfarm and CCM being the most high profile i guess , but lurking beneath the waves are other 'teams' waiting to bite yer leg orf ! One such bunch of guys is the Station 165 team - and a nicer bunch of guys you could'nt hope to meet . Thunderbike runners ,one on a XS650 first time out (for the bike that is ) and the other on his home-framed Rotax racer (and a work of art it is too!). Anyway , wot's it mean then ? i asked and it turns out that one of the guys used to work out of a unit sited on a old fighter base called Station 165 where the Yanks flew something similar to Mosquitos out of - before they all went home . Hence the cool name . Some pics of the guys here or click this link to see all the half-mile pics . The Red bike there is a Skooterfarm bike , Jasons showpiece Woods Rotax with a nosebleed ! His crankcases cracked across the front and spewed oil , ending his day ,The last one is me getting 'reminded' not to do donuts on the outside track whilst waiting for the restart !(Sideburn girl on camera as always , so excuse the cheesy ones of me winkin' at her !)

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