Monday, 17 August 2009


Once a year in a Gun Shooting club the size of a small town (Bisley , Surrey) comes an event so good , i go .

It's the HOTROD HAYRIDE and it's organised by the Executioners car club , you take your old Hot rod to the meet , camp and enjoy the Hillbilly/rockabilly bands then on Saturday you polish you cars and stand around looking at them NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No what really happens is you wake up still feeling the night before and take your expensive 1930's ride down to the hidden race track (oval) and race it round like you don't care , some crashing in the process and limping off back to the camp site ! Cool as f##k i say .

Cos we go every year , we get to take the bikes around and this year i was able to put on a bit of a show to promote Shorttrack UK , taking 4 bikes and riders down to enjoy the smoothed out and dry track (pics of bikes and track later). Today i thought i'd include pics of the event and save the track pics for later , cos i'm getting em sent to me later. Yes that is a naked lady ! in between the bands and dancing they have a red hot Burlesque show . U shoulda been there..........

The Band shown is Smokestack Lightening , the carts are the soapbox derby race , the Mercury is my ride ,The naked lady is Miss Honey Lulu and the cars parked around are just that - everywhere ! More pics soon .


  1. Cool!
    Wish I'da known it was on... I could have walked there. I'll look out for it next year.

  2. Don't walk anywhere near bisley , you'll catch a stray bullet !