Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Sounds like Flattrack - tastes like Track day ! Rockingham was built not so long ago for NASCAR racing and has a high speed banked bowl of Tarmac - which luckily i never tasted !
Took the old Paul Smart Replica round there on a Motorcycle follies/Moto Rapido track day after my good mate Manch had to bail out and go back to work Underwater somewhere in the North Sea , leaving me his place gratis ! Thanks Manch .
Great day caning round learning the circuit , which is infield( like Daytona ) until at the end i found i could take out most of the Jap crap by virtue of holding her flat oot when all the Gixers were still feathering the throttle and trying to avoid the highside (which four of them experienced !).
Thats when 90HP beats 160HP , just throw in tons of off camber curves and very short straights. Fab day out , with some old friends (Dell n James) and the Moto Rapido boys . Lastly Dan was there on a Suzuki going like the wind and loving it , not unusual you might say - but Dan is paralysed from the waist down and this was his first outing since Mark modded his bike with electric gear change (on the button!) -it was a joy to see him go . They waited for him in the pit lane each time and caught him when he stopped ! Way to go boys !
Nearly forgot , we have Scott Smart riding our Superstock 1198s at the Mo (nice chap) and he was there testing clutches and making us look very slow on the Ducati Streetfighter (shown in the pits photo) - anyway his dad is Paul Smart and my bike is a replica of the one he won Imola on back in the seventies ! It all ties in .

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