Wednesday, 5 August 2009


I can understand the reasons for using motocross bikes for flattrack in the UK - lack of framer bikes , cost of either type , ease of getting one , trying to find one over here etc etc ..... there's plenty of good reasons for having a MX bike .

BUT we all want to look cool as Spingsteen while we're doing it right ? Yes is the answer , so you need a framer right ? Wrong , maybe there is a way ! And since i have a MXer sitting there i thought i better lead the way , so here it is - it's not finished yet but the shots show what you can do with just a tank ,seat and handlebars and a whole bunch of spanners !

This will be a feature on my web site with all the build info and pics when it's finished and right now i'm hoping to have her together in some form to take to Kings Lynn for the TT meet on Sunday , so i'll finish the feature after the weekend .

The point of it all is to get some (more) cool looking bikes out there and sell some bars/tanks /seats !

You know who to ring .

(needs 19" rims, shortened forks and a low level exhaust next i'd say) :-)

This is the link to the feature and pics on my Flickr site

(pics now words etc when she's done!)
Just added two more pics , one of her after the TTrace (bit dusty n tired!) and one of how the seat units look with the number board stickers on . Note lowered front forks .


  1. What brand/model of bike is that to begin with? Looks pretty cool so far...excited to see the final result!

  2. Cool!
    I love the classic flat-tracker look

  3. She's a Vertamati (Vor) from italy , this was one of the first hand made bikes from 99 , it has gear driven cams and a cassette gearbox.Right hand kickstart kicks forwards !
    Interestingly you can remove the crankshaft from the side without spliting the cases ! A great design , they are of course no longer with us .
    Steve .