Monday, 15 February 2010


That's right , BEST show i've been to for a long time (even if it was in Telford!).

Me n Boastie hauled our cookies over to the Off road and Racing show for two days this weekend , with Sideburn girl for support - and sent up the SHORTTRACK UK and REDMAX stands for action . And boy did we get some ! The interest was non-stop in racing and building Flattrackers , probably due to the fact most twin-shock / pre 75 scramblers are ideal for flattrackin' or ripe for conversion . And these are hardened race boys lookin' for more sport .

Boastie nearly lost his voice talkin to punters non-stop ! we sold a shed load of stuff of the stand and gave out 400 cards and tons of shorttrack fixture lists , had to fight people off of the co-built framer we took along and wipe the drribble off the sexy stainless pipe of theirs we took along ! Think co-built's phone is gonna be ringing away this week (stand by Anthony!) We also had to fight Guto and his dad off of it (cos they knew it was their chassias we had taken to show !).

So we had a REDMAX , SHORTTRACK UK ,CO_BUILT , SIDEBURN stand at a classic scrambles show , and got our best result yet from a show ! Analyise that boys .

For me tho , i was in heaven . Put me within a mile of a 70's CCM and i can't think straight , i just want it - and there was about 10/15 or so nice examples , not to mention HL500 , Cheneys , Rickmans , Maicos , Jawas , Fantics , Bultacos etc etc etc . KIN FAB .

3 massive halls and autojumble outside and in , i bought a few things too - later we had to fight Boastie off of a real nice '83 KX 125 going for £950 as he explained that it was his dream bike back then ! Even after the OK from Jackie , he still resisted the temptaition , despite going back 150 times to "have a look !" bet he's regretting it right now . I'd have had to stump up around 5K for a half decent CCM 580 , so i did'nt .(cos that's good Trackmaster money !)

All in all the show gave me a smile i could'nt get rid of , and i can't remember that from a show since the Ally Pally road n race show first started years ago !

We had a good hotel for £75 for two nights , and got to eat out at a couple of good places too ! Rach got to listen to me n Boastie swap bike stories and in return she told us what driving a HGV was all about !¬

Cheers To Pete for setting it up too .


  1. Sorry I wasnt there. Back inthe UK tomorrow.
    Cheers for your hard work


  2. here's hoping for some stacked out thunderbike grids then!!.
    bring it on.