Saturday, 27 February 2010


No 1 .Right now Boastie and Tim Greig are out at Daytona trying to get in the Main Race , and i'm on a plane tomorow to support them . So should everybody .

Boastie says - Tim Greig and Pete Boast fly out to the States tomorrow to race in the Daytona speed week.Tim is competing in the Winter Amateur National Championship held at the New track at Daytona, over 3 days to be held on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Pete is riding in the Pro Series, with his first meeting on Saturday evening at the 1/2 mile banked oval at Savanah, Georgia, then back down to Daytona for the Pro All stars meeting at Daytona on Tuesday. They will be followed by the two Grand National Championship rounds on the Wednesday and Thursday.We will keep you up dated how our riders do and also hope that the Shorttrack UK members who are going out to spectate will have a great time and bring us some of that good weather back!

No2 . SIDEBURN MAG No5 is about to appear on sale ! Buy it .

No 3 . Mefo race dates are out for European Flattrack and all American Series . Join and Race . See poster above .

No 4 . Scooterfarm racing's practice track is built and the moment i'm back , it's up norf to have a go . Way to go boys - i know a lot of hard work went into that (and i can't even get a field to play in down here !). We are not worthy .See daves pics - stolen from his blog Full frockle fiasco !

No 5 . Don't visit REDMAX cos i'm not there , got 8 races to watch vintage n modern , Ducati have leant me a bike in Daytona and after the racing we're riding it down to Miami and out on the Keys for some chill out time !

If you need me e-mail and i'll pick it up on the wi-fi (whatever that is !)

Adios amigos .

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