Sunday, 21 February 2010


Yep it's all about Helmets !
Sometimes i'd rather not wear one - but i always do .
I went up the smoke the other day and met up with Dave (death spray) and popped into see his mate Johnny - a real cool character , we could have talked for a year - and i could have spent a year looking round his Mews house garage , so full as it was of cool bikes and stuff .

Now it's that stuff i'm talking about today , cos in this garage was a shelf and about 30 lids on it , reminding me of just about every one i know , cos you have bikes , parts , gear and then lids .
Helmets go out of Fashion like everything , but then they come back in again as classics or something that reminds you of a time (wether you were there or not !)
Triggering this off was the realisation that my dad has thrown out about 4 of my old lids that were in his way aparently in his attic in a box in the corner minding their own buisness !
One of those lids i particularly wanted , a Bell mk1 full face i'd had since i was 16 ! painted to match my Enfield Connie 700 (which i still have ), so slightly pissed off .
Anyway here's a few of mine kicking around the house at the mo......
Firstly a Phil read 70's helmet bought recently from a well known GP commentator and Author. this has been signed by mr Read himself and is actually part of a range Phil launched and had made for himself (so not a Kangol then !) . i liked the colours and it was a steal !
Next up on the shelf a Wes Cooley Mk 1 Arias , found at autojumble for £25 after much haggling and pretending i did'nt know who the popular yankee GS1000 superbike rider was !
Next to that a crappy metalflake 70's lid of italian extraction , that always makes me grin as the chin bar is an add on that would fly off if you sneezed !
Then one of my best lids , a Everoak racemaster from the early 60's . purloined from and old boy in my village when i was a pup it was gloss silver with black leather and red silk interior and cork/netting for protection. i used this as my no 1 lid up to 94 when i got a Davida pudding basin to use instead , when i painted this one satin black and added a bubble visor and decals a la PHYSCOMANIA (best brit biker flick ever !) and went to the opening of the ace cafe !(we are on the ace day video wearing them !
Next up my Bell moto-111 , not much to say bout it - classic MX lid , had it since new (spot the AJS and Captain scarlet stickets !) fab looking lid tho . Spot the 8-track collection behind !
Lastly a Arias Quantum i had kicking around waiting to be used , so i painted it up to match my Romero style jacket (seen behind ) in 70's biege and mettalic red n blue stripes , with my race number 59 on the sides . OLD SCHOOL or what , now i'm gonna look cool on the grid with this set up and my Metro -racing gloves i just got !
As i said most people i know have a little collection of lids , hope you enjoyed a few of mine !

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  1. some beauties in there stevie!.
    back in the day when my dad used to race, there was a mettalic maroon/gold lid with a stylised iorn cross on the sides. might have been a kangol, not sure, but ive been looking for one ever since!.